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Facing a misdemeanor? Facing a felony charge? Regardless of your situation, your next move is critical and the attorneys at Towne Square Legal Advocates are here to help. Although contacting a criminal defense lawyer may be intimidating, we want to re-assure you that the attorneys at Towne Square Legal are here to help. If you are facing a criminal defense, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contracts are very important. Dealing with the protection of a companies’ financial interests and or maintaining stable ground on the issue of liability you must be able to trust your attorney. Establishing a clear and credible relationship with your attorney is imperative because contracts lay out your rights and responsibilities. Rights and responsibilities which you must understand, follow, and live by in order to achieve company goals, personal goals, and even partnership agreements.

Debt is a huge mountain to climb even for the strongest of contestants. During these times the clock is usually working against you but our attorneys at Towne Square Legal are eager and ready to coordinate with you and eliminate this problem once and for all. Facing a financial local hardship and or need help understanding a national debt crises? Our lawyers are skilled in situations dealing with creditors, corporate debtors and even investors. We have helped with international and restructuring cases.


Whether part of the private and or public sector, fraud is a widespread issue. In order to protect you and your business from such attacks, you must be sure to have adequate policies in place that are designed to prevent such malicious behavior.  Do you have the proper agenda, procedure, and plan in place for you and your company and are you prepared to conduct a fraud investigation and quantify losses? The attorneys at Towne Square Legal are skilled in fraud, forensics, accounting and are here for you.

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Their legal tactics are by far the best and most professional. I happened to inform them at the eleventh hour. They took my case and defended it in the best way.
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I needed legal advice regarding a property dispute. Their team gave me in-depth consultancy and filed such a case that the opposition had to back down.
Sarah Peter
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I hired them to file a defamation case. They not only took care of the secrecy but also kept my family out of the constant media allegations.
Anthony Williams

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Federal cases are complex and extremely challenging. Our firm has a wide range of legal knowledge and skills, that we put to work for you.


Cases between two parties involving claims for personal injury, defamation, fraud, and many others.


We're not afraid of high profile criminal cases and can defend you on fraud, drugs & domestic violence.

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